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"Introduction to Incarceration 8"

64 Bants Way, Brighton, Friday June 5th; 20:53

After a quick shower and a short time later, Alexis slides the dress over her head and begins to position the skirt portion down around her hips. The tight rubber stretches around her buttocks and thighs as it fits snugly onto her womanly figure.

Alexis shimmies her legs in order to fit the dress around her waist and then pulls the top portion up over her plump and perky breasts. Alexis then turns around to face her back towards her mirror and turns her head around over her shoulder.

After a bit of squirming and tampering, Alexis finally is able to pull the zipper up to the top of the dress and the base of her lower neck. She then takes a small dab of the lubricant and applies it to the latex dress and begins to rub it around, giving the impression of a sleek shine, making the already alluring outfit that much more eye-catching.

“All eyes on you tonight Love.” Alexis says to herself aloud as she pouts her lips and squints her eyes to give the full, sexually driven impact of what the others will see when she eventually infiltrates the club.

Alexis grabs her phone from her vanity and opens the camera app in her phone to commemorate the occasion.

“And...upload.” Alexis says aloud as she presses her screen to upload her post. Alexis slides her phone into her clutch and takes one last look in the mirror before turning around and heading for the door. Liquid was only a few blocks away, so it didn’t make sense for her to hire a ride for such a short distance. Plus, a little sweat would add a nice sheen to her skin as she entered the club.

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