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"Introduction to Incarceration 4"

Stonebrooke Women’s Correctional Facility, Tuesday, June 2nd; 02:18.

The sound of the guard’s footsteps and melodic whistling reverberate through the cell block halls as he makes his 2am rounds through the facility. As the guard proceeds onward toward cell 17, he begins to slow his pace slightly so that he can catch a better glimpse of the ‘new girl’. He stops quickly and moves in to get a better view of the cell. His eyes quickly scan the small concrete enclosure, but he can’t seem to find anyone inside. He glances under the bed and around each corner of the cell walls. Nothing.

“WE’VE GOT A BREAK!” He shouts into his radio. “HIT THE ALARM!”

Within seconds, a blaring siren begins to scream throughout the prison accompanied by a series of pulsing red lights.

Meanwhile, newly escaped convict Lisa Gregory sprints away from Stonebrooke toward the surrounding forest as she can hear the sirens begin to blare.

“Shit!” She exclaims as she realizes that her absence was discovered much sooner than she anticipated. Lisa breathes heavily as she makes her way into the dark forest in hopes of avoiding recapture and likely very stern punishment from the Warden and his guards.

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