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"Introduction to Incarceration 19"

Parky Road, Brighton, Friday June 5th; 21:26

Officers Hoskins and Cox cautiously escort Alexis to the front of Officer Hoskins’ parked cruiser and position Alexis at the passenger’s side of the hood of the cruiser.

“Alright then. Just bend over the bonnet, Love. Slowly.” Officer Hoskins instructs Alexis as Officer Cox pushes Alexis’ torso downward.

“8-zed-8 to 7-X-12, 8-zed-8 to 7-X-12.” A male’s voice comes over the police radios.

“You birds got the sitch’ under control ors you need backup from a real Officer?” The voice continues.

“Damn it, Sampson. We said leave this channel clear.” Officer Cox replies.

“But if you really care, and you ain’t just tryin’ to boost your ego for everyone to hear, then no, we don’t need your ‘elp.” Officer Cox continues. She then releases her radio transmitter button and tightens her grip on Alexis’ handcuffs.

“I got ‘er, Love. Go ahead and give ‘er the once over.” Officer Cox instructs Officer Hoskins, referring to the procedural frisk that must take place before Alexis can be detained in the back of the squad car. Officer Hoskins looks at Officer Cox and nods her head in agreement. She then kneels down behind Alexis and begins to slide her hand up Alexis’ thigh. Alexis sighs in discomfort and embarrassment as she feels completely vulnerable at the hands of Brighton’s finest. Officer Hoskins lifts her hands and slides them along Alexis’ hips and waist, then slowly slides them up Alexis’ torso.

“She won’t be hidin’ much in that dress.” Officer Cox says as she watches Officer Hoskins finish her examination of Alexis. Once Officer Hoskins is finished, she stands up behind Alexis and gives a quick nod of her head to Officer Cox. The two Officers then grab Alexis by the biceps and begin to escort to the back of Officer Hoskins’ police cruiser.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
May 08, 2022

Oh that view...

And I have to contradict the officers, I think she is hiding A LOT in that dress :-D

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Nov 25, 2022
Replying to

Better be sure and double check the contents of that dress 😁


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