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"Introduction to Incarceration 11"

Starkers Rd, Brighton, Friday June 5th; 21:21

“Any Patrols in the area of Worcestershire ave able to assist in the apprehension of the Stonebrooke Sparrow?” The voice of a female dispatcher calls out over the police radios. One of the female officers from the meeting at the precinct earlier in the week sits in her patrol vehicle on Starkers Rd, only a few blocks from Worcestershire.

“The Stonebrooke Sparrow? That’s what they’ve been callin’ that Bird who escaped from prison this week.” She says to herself aloud as she reaches down to grab her radio.

“Hoskins here. I’m over on Starkers. I can be there in a jif.” Officer Hoskins replies to the dispatcher on the radio.

“Called in by a civilian. Says she saw her in the side lot of ‘er flat.” The dispatcher continues as she fills in Officer Hoskins with the latest information.

“Got it. En route.” Officer Hoskins confirms.

“Be careful, Love. She might be yielding a weapon at this point.” The dispatcher replies in a concerned voice. Very shortly after, a familiar voice enters the conversation over the radio.

“Hos, do you need backup, Darlin’? I’m over at the petrol station on Jennison. I can be there in 5.” The voice of Officer Cox, the other female Officer from the meeting, offers to backup her partner and friend.

“I think I’ll be alright Love, but I never get tired of seein’ your smilin’ face.” Officer Hoskins replies humorously.

“You got it. Be there in a flash. 7 x-ray 12 out.” Officer Cox replies over the radio. Officer Hoskins pulls up the data file for Lisa Gregory on the onboard console of her vehicle to refresh her memory on what the escaped prisoner’s rap sheet looks like. She inhales deeply through her nose and puts her vehicle into drive before aggressively stepping on the accelerator.

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