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"Introduction to Incarceration 10"

Worcestershire ave, Brighton, Friday June 5th; 21:19

Meanwhile, mere blocks away, a hungry and tired Lisa Gregory is still on the run from the law. She sneaks through several lawns and driveways as she tries to find a possible home to break into, just to search the fridge for a quick meal.

“Damn it.” She says quietly as she finds another home occupied by it’s owners. This time an elderly couple who are getting ready to go to sleep after watching television.

Lisa sneaks across to the adjacent driveway and plants herself behind the garage across the street. Little does Lisa know, but Gretchen, the elderly woman across the street has a clear line of sight on Lisa and recognizes her from the 6:00 news story identifying that the escaped convict was still loose and on the run. Gretchen immediately grabs her phone to call the local authorities as she peers out the window toward Lisa.

“Turn off the lights Herbert, she’ll see us.” Gretchen shouts in a demanding voice.

“Yes Dear.” Herbert mutters back as if emasculated from a lifetime of verbal mistreatment.

“Yes, hello?” Gretchen shouts on the phone as the Police dispatcher answers her call.

“This is Gretchen Atkinson at 111 Worcestershire Ave and I’ve found that criminal girl that you let escape from the prison.” Gretchen says demeaningly.

Lisa crouches down and begins to sneak closer to the road. She glances to her right and can see Gretchen’s silhouette staring at her from her living room window. Lisa’s eyes widen as she realizes she has been compromised. She makes a mad dash for Parky road to try to lose Gretchen.

“You’d better come quick. She’s starting to run.” Gretchen says into the phone.

Little does Alexis know, this is happening only mere feet from her as she proceeds down Parky road toward Worcestershire.

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Oct 13, 2020

The cops are going yo mistake Alexis and Lisa and than Alexis is going to the clink...


Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Oct 12, 2020

@Mr. Metzger Just doing her part as an upstanding citizen ;)


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Oct 11, 2020

Seems we will have to thank this old lady for getting Alexis into trouble...


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