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Introducing "The Bin" Gallery!

  • I’d like to announce the launching of a brand new gallery now available at entitled “The Bin”!

Recently, I've really been coming to the realization that in the past several years, I’ve spent a TON of time creating and designing new images, but these images often don’t get posted to the websites to share with everyone. Why? Mainly because I constantly imagine and design new scenarios to befall my lovely bondagettes on a daily basis, but I just don’t have the time, energy or creativity to write yet another story that is supposed to wow and intrigue. So I figured, why let all these images and time go to waste?

Well, no longer.

I’ve decided to introduce another gallery entitled “The Bin”, available with purchase of the $20 'Trussed Tales Tier'. Now, some of my overseas viewers and supporters might be saying “Bin? Why call your images garbage?” well, it's a different kind of bin. In the States, ‘bin’ can often refer to a grab bag of sorts. Sift through the mass amounts of content and see what you might like. I have tons of bins in my basement for things that I might need in the future, like holiday decorations, etc. So, I'm kind of referring to it in that sense.

Anyway, all in all, it seems wasteful to me to spend SO much time working on images and focusing my OCD on many minor details within each image to only have them sit on my hard drive and collect digital dust. My main goal with my creation of bondage images in general is to share my work with everyone so that they can see what I’ve been working on and coming up with, and I feel like these images just sitting around is not accomplishing that. Many of the images that are collecting dust I am very proud of and no one has ever seen them except for me. It does no one any good if they aren’t seen and appreciated by everyone.

“The Bin” will consist of regularly posted images with no name or story starting with ‘The Bin 1’, ‘The Bin 2’ and so on. These images could span years of my work, with any sort of theme (Siltex, Asylum, Prison, Latex Pinups, etc.) and a multitude of different scenarios. This isn’t some sort of new format or anything, you’ll still get all the great bondage characters you love like Ashley Anderssen, Carissa Andrews, Amber and many more, these are just images that I couldn’t think of a text or story worthy enough to suit the image. So the beauty of this is that you get to have your imaginations run wild. Make up the story in your head. How did she get there? How long has she been there and how long will she stay? Will she ever get out at all? The story is up to you to have fun and be creative. That's some of my most favorite thing about looking at bondage images from other artists or producers.

I hope you all enjoy this new gallery and the “dusty” images I’ve been working on for the last few years now that they finally have the chance to see the light of day.


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