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"Instincts In Vain"

Is it wrong of me to try to escape from my imprisonment? Am I being selfish for thinking of my own wellbeing and freedom? After all, it’s only instinctive to lust for freedom when one has been held captive for so long.

I can hear the alarms blaring through the halls from under my hood and even though I can’t see a thing, I have this overwhelming feeling that I might be headed in the wrong direction, but I have to try something. I’ve been imprisoned for so long. It will only be a matter of seconds before the guards whisk in to confine me to certain imprisonment, yet again. Even though I feel certain defeat in my utterly helpless state, my legs keep moving forward, slowly taking me down the long cell block hallway.

God damn these leg shackles! If my ankles weren’t chained together by the unforgiving steel, I’d be able to move at a much faster pace through the cell block. But I guess that’s the idea. The warden certainly doesn’t want to make it possible for a prisoner like me to escape this wretched place.

Who knew that a beautiful young woman like myself could be incarcerated to such a horrific prison sentence? During my trial, I kept trying to reason with the judge. Plead my innocence, but he just wouldn’t listen. Based on how I’ve been treated since my arrest, I’m starting to think I wasn’t imprisoned for any crimes at all, but just because I’m a beautiful young woman. This is just sick. How can they get away with this?

I feel like I’ve been kidnapped and held against my will, but somehow it’s completely legal because that creep of a judge said so.

Ugh! I’ve never been so frustrated in my whole life. Knowing that there is no reason for me to be locked up in here, and yet I can do absolutely nothing about it.

But it’s human instinct to at least try.

In the distance, I can hear the muffled sound of the cell block doors opening as a team of guards begin to rush in to return me to my imprisonment. Are my legs able to carry me quickly enough with my ankles shackled so securely to evade the oncoming guards?

It’s now or never.


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