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"Inevitable Restraint"

Poor Ashley Anderssen squirms and struggles, but the secure leather restraints gripping her body tightly will not budge. The sound of the chain tethering her to her cell’s floor jingles with each movement that she makes. Ashley exhales a sigh of frustration through her nose as she pauses her struggling and begins to accept defeat, but something inside her tells her to keep trying.

“Mmlph Mmmmm! (Help Meeee!)” Ashley screams through the large rubber ballgag stuffed inside of her mouth. Layers of ultra adhesive industrial tape have been plastered over her mouth and face, sealing her ballgag deep inside. Poor Ashley’s pleas for release do nothing but reverberate inside of her cell and are lost in the order of time.

“How did I get myself into this?” Ashley wonders to herself as she looks around the small stone cell for any possible means of escape. She tries to wrap her wrists around the steel chain securing her to the floor. She leans forward as she tugs with all of her might, but her wrists provide little strength and stability as her hands and fingers have been shrink wrapped inside a pair of leather mitts, rendering them utterly useless. As Ashley leans forward, the pressure from the tight leather strap between her legs presses firmly against her vagina and buttocks. Ashley lets out a high pitched whimper as she can feel each strap contracting tight around her body with each movement that she makes. Still, her perseverance and instinct force her to continue her battle with her restraints, as tight and inescapable as they may be.

Ashley looks forward to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror that her captors so generously provided inside of her cell. Ashley twists and turns her body in hopes of finding a buckle or strap that might be loose, but the more Ashley looks her body up and down, the more helpless and impossible her situation becomes. Her captors have methodically and meticulously applied every single strap and buckle to Ashley’s body with no possible means for Ashley to release herself on her own.

“Mmmm.” Ashley moans fearfully as her situation appears impossible to escape from. Each movement tires Ashley exponentially. It’s only been a few hours, but Ashley’s fear is that she might be helplessly trapped for weeks, years or even decades. Ashley slowly lays her body down on the cold stone of her cell floor. She spreads her legs to hopefully alleviate some of the pressure pressing down on her vagina, but now the tight straps around her thighs and ankles pull even tighter and more secure than before. Ashley sighs hopelessly as she rests her head down on the cell floor.

Ashley looks at herself in the mirror and stares at her helpless body. For days, her mind has been racing with thoughts of how to escape this treacherous bondage and horrifying dungeon cell, but in this moment her mind is clear and at peace with her inescapable predicament. Ashley hasn’t slept in the days since her capture and imprisonment. Her eyelids begin to flutter as her struggling and captivity has exhausted her immensely. Ashley becomes drowsy as her eyes close slowly. When she awakens, she can choose to continue her futile fight against her impossible restraints or decide to come to terms with her captivity and accept her new life of strict bondage restraint. Regardless of her choice, the condition of her freedom would remain inevitable.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
19 ago 2023

She lies down and spreads her legs in hopes of relief? I need a picture of that 😁

Me gusta

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