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"Higher Standards - 2 (Plus Bonus Image)"

While sitting home one night, Ashley was getting ready to go to bed and decided to browse around on her tablet. Before she was even able to open her browser, she realized that she had a few unread emails. She opened her email app and began scrolling through. A 20% off coupon for an online clothing store, a receipt from an electronics store retailer and an email from a strange sender labeled with a subject line that read “I have something that you need”. Ashley looked at the email curiously, but then began to wonder if it was something sent from one of the prospective universities. Ashley’s eyes shot to the bottom of the screen as she was stunned to find a trio of pictures of her in various compromising situations. The first, while a bit tamer than the other two, showed Ashley engaging in the shooting of liquor with some of her sorority sisters, Jessica and Stephanie. A moment from that night that she could still recall, the other two were a bit more foggy. The second image showed Ashley laying on the dorm room bed while making out with Stephanie. Ashley’s skirt had been removed and Stephanie was seen rubbing Ashley’s crotch. The third picture showed Ashley nearly nude with her legs spread while sitting on the floor. Her hair a disheveled mess and Ashley is visibly intoxicated. Her sorority sisters are posing around her and there are various cups and beverages sprawled across the floor. Ashley didn’t remember anything from this point of the night and was in shock at what had occurred. She looks up to find some writing at the top of the screen.

“Miss Anderssen,

I’ve acquired several photographs that might be within your ‘best interest’ if they stayed under lock and key. It would be a shame if some of the schools that you applied to were to acquire these pictures as well.

Come to Ridgewood Forest tonight. There is a door that leads to a special facility where everything will be formulated. Text when you arrive.”

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