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"Higher Standards - 18"

Ashley lifts her left leg to try to position it better for her to stand. Her torso is so tightly wrapped in straps and harnesses that it will provide little assistance in helping her to stand. Although Ashley is in utter shock at the disconcerting situation she currently finds herself in, she is somewhat surprised that her legs and feet remain unbound and mostly free to allow her a possible means of escape.

A mind game of sorts provided to her by her captor?

As Ashley is able to balance herself on one knee, she glances down at her body to get a better view of the restraints that grip her securely. A series of black leather harnesses and straps adorn her body and hold her tightly in captivity. Under the straps, the slinky, red bodysuit that appears to have been shrink wrapped to her skin. The word ‘CAPTIVE’ sprawled across her chest, in case there was any doubt as to what she was experiencing. Pure captivity.

The more Ashley contemplates her outfit, the more it begins to remind her of a suit of legend. Could it be? A sil...tex...suit?

Ashley had heard about these suits before. Diabolically designed to capture and restrain poor young women against their will with absolutely no chance of escape. Now, she was the latest victim of Siltex.

But these are supposed to only be used on female prison inmates. Ashley wonders if her captor has some sort of connection with the corrections system. Or maybe, just the resources to construct a terribly restrictive suit such as this.

She tries to close her jaw, but her teeth can do nothing but bite down on the firm rubber ball stuffed inside of her mouth. Her actions are extremely limited, but Ashley’s instinct for freedom and survival kick in as she begins to muster the strength to escape.

Ashley glances down the hallway outside of the corridor in which she’s been held. Ready to make an escape attempt from her restraint suit and this wretched maze once and for all.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Jun 13, 2021

While I'm pretty sure it'll be entertaining to watch her escape attempt, I hope her legs will be properly secured later on. For her own good, of course!

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Sep 22, 2021
Replying to

Oh absolutely. Don't worry though, her legs will become quite useless soon enough ;)


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