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"Freedom in Restraint"

After months of captivity, Katie was finally able to escape from Parkview Insane Asylum, but at what cost? At the institution, she was at least tended to, cared for by the hospital staff, even if they kept her confined by locked doors and restraints during her detainment.

Katie had freed herself from the imprisoning walls of the Asylum, but not from the stifling clutches of the canvas straitjacket that clenches her torso in strict submission. Each clasp buckled to their extreme position and far from the reach of poor Katie’s hands and fingers.

Far from the gates of Parkview, the sun began to set on what would be Katie’s first night away from the security of the walls of the wretched asylum. She contemplates returning back to Parkview, but she knows her punishment will be stern and strict.

Katie begins to fantasize of a warm place to rest her head. An asylum bed is still a bed, no matter how long she might spend in the clutches of it’s leather restraints.

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