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"Freebie Friday: Woke Up In Prison"

She begins to stir as she slowly regains consciousness and awakens from her slumber. Her eyes open slowly, revealing a dark room with only the moonlight glaring in through the window of an adjacent wall. She tries to stretch her arms out but they will not move. She can feel them firm against the side of her body as she squirms slightly. The young woman attempts to speak but quickly finds that her jaw is pried open wide and a large rubber ball has been stuffed deep into her mouth, filling it completely. Several strips of very adhesive medical tape are plastered securely over her face, muffling her words and sealing her lips over the large rubber ball.

She attempts to sit up, but realizes her beautiful body is completely encased in an orange Siltex sleepsack, rendering her utterly helpless. Her eyes widen in fear as she looks down at her beautifully encased body and notices the word “PRISONER” printed as clear as can be across her chest above her breasts. She tries to move her arms again, but what little movement her arms make is immediately reduced to nothing as the Siltex material tightens back up, retracting her arms to their original position.

The prisoner whimpers from behind her massive and thorough gag as she tries to look around her prison cell, desperately hoping for a way out of her bondage. But her hopes dwindle quickly as her inescapable predicament begins to sink in and her demeanor turns from worry to panic. The more she tries to struggle, the more her Siltex sleepsack squeezes her body tightly, definitively rendering her an utterly subdued and completely helpless prisoner.

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