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"Freebie Friday 16: StrictLea's 1st Day in Prison"

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Recently, I'd been noticing some of my friends, peers and fellow artists creating fanart of a particular young lady that goes by the name StrictLea. StrictLea is an up and coming bondage model with a lot of great images and content. If you're familiar with her, you'll know that she has kind of a signature gag that she uses for the majority of her scenes. Something a bit unique, but very appealing and effective all the same. Check out some of StrictLea's content on her DeviantArt page and her newly opened Twitter account @StrictLea!

StrictLea fails to make her footing as she stumbles down the hallway of cell block D in the sublevels of the infamous Stone Ridge correctional facility. A treacherous 250,000 square foot prison recently designed and constructed by a devious man known only by the name ‘Martyr’. The facility has been designed to be used to imprison dozens of the world’s most beautiful women in inescapable bondage and restraint. A modern day dungeon. Now, StrictLea is about to find out firsthand just how devious this wretched prison can be.

Convicted and sentenced by a corrupt judge, StrictLea is innocent of her crimes, but that means nothing in this place. She has been helplessly incapacitated in an inescapable Siltex Restraint suit, and now knows the true meaning of confining imprisonment and strict restraint. StrictLea’s arms are welded tightly behind her back in an unforgiving leather armbinder. Her mouth has been sealed shut by a roll of sticky adhesive tape, muffling her pleas of innocence so that she couldn’t utter a sound. StrictLea’s torso is adorned with various straps and harnesses and sprawled across her chest is stenciled lettering that reads “StrictLea, Prisoner, #41762”. Such a diminishing phrase, stripping the once independent young woman of her freedom and denoting her as a condemned prisoner.

Warden Martyr makes it his personal responsibility to escort his newly captured prisoner to her quarters by attaching a lead stick to her collar and forcefully pushing her through the cell block toward her awaiting prison cell. StrictLea struggles and struggles, but her bondage is far too tight and far too secure. Only seconds remain before StrictLea is locked away in her lonesome and confining prison cell, never to experience freedom again.

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