"Freebie Friday 10: Halloween Hijinks"

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Tiffany and Melissa had always made it a point to dress up for Halloween and attend various festivities and events throughout the night. This year, Tiffany dressed herself as a skintight, latex clad cat and Melissa a skimpy and sexy 80s schoolgirl.

The two beautiful young ladies meander through the streets that are adorned with pumpkins, leaves and various Halloween decorations. The girls scurry in search of Halloween hijinks, but it didn’t take long for their fun to turn into fright. Tiffany and Melissa had caught the eye of a pair of female police officers who weren’t afraid to take poor, unsuspecting young women into custody for no reason whatsoever. Looks like these young ladies will be spending Halloween behind bars, if not a lot longer.

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