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"Freebie Friday: Bimbofied Bambi"

Buxom Bambi has never been the brightest young woman, so being tricked into a life of bondage imprisonment was nothing but typical for this poor young lady. Confined to a form fitting and custom created Siltex suit made to Bambi’s exact proportions, a series of leather harnesses and straps adorn Bambi’s voluptuous body. She struggles to escape her captivity, but she has no chance of escape from her helpless imprisonment and tight restraint. Bambi can do nothing but succumb to her inescapable imprisonment and tight restraint. The only fate suitable for a buxom beauty such as Bambi.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Apr 09, 2021

A Siltex suit tailor-made for a body like hers must have required a lot more material than usual ;-) And how her frogtied legs and the chain combine to put her into this very vulnerable position... excellent!

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Sep 21, 2021
Replying to

Absolutely! She is a buxom one and her suit was designed accordingly :D


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