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"Freebie Friday 15: A Different Kind Of Shoot"

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Sexy supermodel Candie Caprice has been nothing but photogenic for as long as she can remember. Something about her just sparkles when she’s in front of a camera, so it came as no surprise that she decided to enter a life of photoshoots and fashion modelling at the age of 18. Now, a few years later, she is the hottest young model in the world and has graced the cover of hundreds of magazines, been featured in countless fashion blogs and pictorials and has been the target of dozens of paparazzi worldwide. But a huge oversight by her agent would become the biggest mistake of young Candie’s life.

After being booked for provocative and risque photoshoot, Candie now finds herself trussed in the binding grip of dozens of feet of polypropylene rope. Just minutes prior, Candie was asked to squeeze herself into a sleek and sexy latex catsuit for the initial stages of the photoshoot. The photographer took picture after picture of Miss Caprice as she positioned her body in various poses. The tight latex encased Candie’s figure as it pulled her skin firmly with each movement she made. After several minutes of shooting, the photographer asked Candie if she wanted to ‘kick things up a notch’. Ever excited to push the boundaries in her career, Candie quickly agreed, not knowing what she was about to get herself into.

The photographer leaves the shoot momentarily and then returns with a box full of “supplies” for the next portion of the shoot.

“What’s that stuff?” Candie asks as the photographer pulls a strange contraption from the box.

“Open wide…” The photographer says and the proceeds to gag Candie with a large red ballgag. Within minutes, Candie is completely helpless on the hardwood floor inside the photographer’s studio. She struggles intensely but is unable to escape from her confining ropes. The photographer continues to snap more photographs of Candie as she squirms helplessly in her inescapable rope bondage.

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