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"Freebie Friday 2: Get Out of The Box Homage"

A couple of years ago, I stumbled onto an image created by a great bondage artist named Plasma-Dragon entitled “Get Out of The Box”. As with many different hobbies, sometimes just seeing something that another person created or achieved can cause an immediate inspiration. So, I thought that I would create an homage to the original image, but with my own little twists.

As some of you have probably noticed, I enjoy doing homages to some of the different bondage mediums that have shaped and molded my bondage creativity over the years. I think of it like going to see a band or musician at a concert and they play a cover or two of one of your favorite songs, but in their style. It’s a lot of fun to try to recreate images in hopes of doing them justice by keeping the original theme there, but adding your own little flavor too. This is actually the second homage that I have done to one of PD’s images. The first scene that I recreated was an image called “Buttons” where a heavily chained prison inmate is met with the impossible task of attempting to press two buttons that are a substantial distance apart while shackled in order to unlock a prison door.

I started my version of ‘Get Out of The Box’ in late 2018, but I never ended up fully rendering it due to some lighting issues and a bit of a technical problem that I have since discovered a workaround for. So, I decided to render it the other day and figured it’s always better late than never. Since this was started in ‘18 I used the character Aubrey as the young woman who would be required to escape from her maniacal straitjacket in order to get herself out. But with a straitjacket that secure, how could she possibly ever get out? What a dilemma for poor Aubrey.

While you’re at it, take some time to check out Plasma-Dragon’s DA page. He’s got tons and tons of awesome, original bondage art, a great fan base and all sorts of new stuff coming all the time!

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