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"Forsaken, This Day"

A bead of sweat drips down the side of our prisoner’s face as we lead her toward the elevator at the end of the hall. She stares out each window as she passes them, no doubt wishing and hoping that this is all a nightmare, but I can tell you that it is not. Edwards and I have brought dozens, if not hundreds, of prisoners like this helpless young lady to uncertain imprisonment throughout the years.

I can hear her breathe and pant heavily, as they all do. Nervously and subtly fighting with her restraints, hoping Edwards and I won’t see her. But we do. We always do. Each tug. Each twist will do nothing but tire her more and more. But still, she pulls at her shackles and yanks at her chains. Helpless to anything but imprisonment and captivity.

To her, a life altering day that would forever diverge her destiny onto this new path. For Edwards and I, just another day with another prisoner to conceal away inside the depths of these concrete walls. If our prisoner only knew what lay ahead for her.

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