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Feb. '20 Update

Hello everyone,

I know that most of you are probably saying “Where have you been?”, “What’s going on with the site?” So I thought I would post an update to explain a few things.

First, where have I been? Well, prior to my brief hiatus/disappearance, I posted an update to the site explaining that I would be gone for a little while. I have since deleted that post because I was hoping that everyone would have received a full copy of it via email, unfortunately, I found out later that was not the case. Without going into crazy detail, I had to put the site on a brief hiatus for fear that a financial advisor of sorts was going to go snooping around and find some ‘unsettling’ material. Luckily, I found out that was not the case, but I couldn’t take any chances with this particular situation. Thankfully, that situation will not happen again.

Second, what’s going on with the site? Many of you have probably noticed that your accounts have been canceled by the payment processor. This was absolutely no action of mine whatsoever. Because everybody and their mother nowadays seems to be discriminatory against artists, producers and models in the bondage industry, I had once again fell victim to having my account be canceled by several payment processors. Currently, I am in the process of speaking with CCBill, a reputable and renowned payment processor that is responsible for processing credit card payments of some of the world’s biggest bondage websites and producers like Bondage Cafe, ShinyBound, & Chrissy Marie, as well as thousands of others. Thankfully, the folks at CCBill are much more open minded than the clowns at a lot of these other companies, so I hope to have my relationship with them move everything forward into the new decade. For those of you who had their credit card payments canceled, don’t worry, you did not lose out on anything in terms of the amount of time that you were a member. Your account would have been canceled on the day that it was set for renewal, so you wouldn’t have been short changed at all. You should have been awarded the full month that you initially paid for. At this moment, PayPal is the only form of payment that can be accepted, but I am working to add CCBill for credit cards soon.

What is happening to the site going forward?

I have absolutely no plans to dissolve or discontinue the site in the near future. In fact, I have TONS of brand new images and stories that I have been working on that I plan to post very soon. And to make up for lost time, I’m planning on posting as much as humanly possible. Don’t worry, I have a slew of all new characters, stories and images ready to be shared with everyone as soon as I can.

Rest assured, these clowns will never keep me down and I will always do everything within my power to bring you new content, even if it means that I have to take a brief hiatus to figure things out. Granted, it was never my intention to leave everyone hanging, but I didn’t find out till later that the deleted update was in fact lost after I deleted it. I also didn’t expect everyone’s accounts to be canceled, and unfortunately, it all seemed to happen at the same time, making it look like I just stopped, but I didn’t and I won’t.

I plan on implementing a new ‘poll’ page to get some feedback from you guys regarding certain aspects of the site and my art. In fact, I have a brand new character that I am quite proud of. I have yet to bind or restrain her in her own story, so I thought that it might be fun to have a few polls to help decide in what path the story will play out.

So in conclusion, I’m not going anywhere, I plan on building the site stronger than ever before and I will be bringing you more and more of my images and stories for you to enjoy for a while to come. I am still constantly trying to get better and better at my art, as well as my website administration skills, but it’s definitely a learning process. So I thank all of you for sticking with me and having the patience and faith that I am going to come back stronger than ever.

I hope you all enjoy the new work. I’m definitely excited to kick this new decade off with a bang!

Yours truly,

Marty Martyr

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Thank you for the update Marty. Keep on going!


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