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"Dark, Damp Places - 5"

Ashley slowly approaches the cave as a cool wind blows through the fallen leaves. The sound of Ashley’s heels reverberate through the cave as they crunch several broken twigs and dried up leaves.

“HELLOOOO!!...LLOOOO!...LLooo...llooo” Ashley’s voice echoes back at her as she shouts into the seemingly endless cave. Ashley creeps slowly inside the mouth of the cave as she waves her arms in front of her to swat away the dangling cobwebs.

“I wonder what’s inside.” Ashley says in her high pitched, cutesy voice. She creeps closer still as the heel of her shoe snaps a thick twig in half. The sound of the breaking twig reverberates through the cave. Ashley freezes for a moment as a set of glowing eyes appear from the dark shadows of the inside of the cave. The eyes are rather low to the ground in comparison to their size and appear to move closer to Ashley.

“What the…?” Ashley gasps as she tries to make out the silhouette of the creature moving toward her. Suddenly, the creature reveals that it’s set of eyes is not only two eyes, but eight.

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