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"Dark, Damp Places - 17"

Within seconds, the spiders descend on Ashley as she lies motionless. Stiff as a board from the hardened and constricted web cocoon. She tries to move but is completely helpless. Only her eyes can move, and they can do nothing but dart back and forth as she watches the hideous beasts as they climb over her. Ashley can feel their pedipalps as they feel around her body. If only poor Ashley had never walked into the forest. If only she hadn’t been distracted. She would now be in the comfort of the Halloween party and not in the inescapable clutches of this colony of monstrous spiders. Ashley tries to think about a better time, but her mind races with the inevitable. Captured by nature’s most devious of creatures, Ashley lay suspended in her constricting cocoon. No possibility of escape.

The End.

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