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"Dark, Damp Places - 1"

It was a crisp autumn day in late October in the small town of Oakville, a secluded hamlet hidden by lush forests, rolling hills and vast wetlands. The warm colors of the autumn leaves paint the trees and sidewalks of Oakville with orange, yellow, red and brown in an enchanting display of nature’s annual vigil. Scantily clad college coed Ashley Anderssen strutted down the sidewalk on Oakwoods Lane en route to a Halloween costume party at a local nightclub. The wind blew through some of the fallen leaves on the ground and through the trees of the adjacent forest. Ashley decided to dress as a sexy school girl with an ultra short skirt, tight tee and pink bow choker. Ashley had some time before the start of the party and decided to take a detour through the forest off of Oakwood Lane.

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