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"Condemned to Confinement (Multiple Variations)"

Note: Not exactly a ‘multi-angle’, but a variety of different tape Siltex colors, including; Tan (above and also available in the Freebies Gallery), Traditional Orange, (preview seen below), Pink, Black, Translucent and Nude, each with their own tape over ballgag variation (Except Nude which is just a ballgag w/o tape).

A simple misunderstanding combined with Jenna’s gullible nature has landed her into the clutches of her worst nightmare; Apprehended overseas by a corrupt and tyrannical government, poor Jenna Jaden is now condemned to endure a life sentence of inescapable restraint, strict punishment and helpless captivity while imprisoned thousands and thousands of miles from home.

Jenna is powerless to escape the clutches of her restraints and can do nothing but squirm slowly in her tight bondage with absolutely zero possibility of escaping it’s constricting grasp. She lies on her stomach on her cold cell floor with her wrists and ankles shackled and chained securely together behind her back with the chains threaded through her restraints to pull her into a tight hogtie. Her neck has been chained securely to the floor as well as to the back of her elbow restraints, making any neck or head movement next to impossible. Her arms and elbows have been welded firmly together behind her back, while her hands, fingers and wrists are confined to small leather mittens that have been shrink wrapped around them, rendering them utterly useless. Jenna tries to move her legs, but they are encased in a tiny leather leg binder which squeezes them tightly, pinning them together inside. Even her feet have been strapped tightly together and her big toes locked into tiny cuffs and chained to her wrist shackles.

Jenna tries to speak, but the large ballgag wedged inside of her mouth accompanied by the sticky microfoam tape over her lips morphs her words into nothing but meaningless whimpers. To ensure Jenna’s incarceration is a permanent one, all of the keys to her shackles and chains have been melted down to a puddle of molten metal and disposed of in the vast ocean that surrounds the prison where she is being kept. Jenna tries to struggle to escape her bondage, but the leather straps securing her to the floor of her cell provide very little opportunities for movement at all. As she gyrates her hips during her struggles, Jenna can feel the tight leather strap that has been wedged firmly between her legs and up the back of her plump buttocks, with the strap then secured to her waist. The strap compresses firmly into her vagina and in between her cheeks as it digs in with each movement. Jenna bites down firmly on the rubber ball that is sunk deep into her mouth as she moans into the microfoam tape that is securely clinging to her face. Jenna can feel a breeze rush across her toes as the cool blue light of the moon peers in from the barred window and reflects off of the shiny orange of her Siltex restraint suit; The diabolical device that has rendered her completely helpless in inescapable restraint for the rest of her life.

Jenna Jaden, reduced to nothing but a helpless prisoner. A prisoner sentenced to a life of solitary confinement and strict bondage restraint. Condemned to no longer experience the privileges of freedom for as long as she lives. The only fate suitable for such a helpless and beautiful prisoner.

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2 comentarios

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
13 jul 2021

That's a beautiful set of images, Jenna looks great in all of these!

Me gusta
Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
22 sept 2021
Contestando a

Thank you very much! I think she came out really well also. 😁

Me gusta

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