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"Cobie Tied Tight and Utterly Helpless"

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I’m very excited to present one of my latest bondage customs. This one features Australian bondage supermodel Cobie! I had done a custom with Cobie a few years back for ‘Fotoro’s’ with Cobie acting as a naïve hospital patient who ultimately gets committed to the asylum and trussed up in my all-time favorite straitjacket, ‘The Breathcatcher’. Much like the majority of my bondage customs, Cobie was gagged with a ballgag with microfoam tape plastered over the top of the gag and her lips. Not long ago, Cobie had messaged me on Twitter and mentioned that she was working on a bondage custom for another client that involved microfoam tape and she said that it made her think of me. One of my all-time favorite bondage models correlating me and microfoam tape? I don’t have to tell you how flattered I was. After a bit of chit-chat, we had decided to work together on another bondage custom. I mean, how could I say no? So, I typed up a script and sent it her way. A short time later, I received my custom. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was the amount of rope and how tightly Cobie was tied. I’d been asking producers for a lot of rope from day one of ordering my customs, but only a few had really used the amount that I have been looking for. This was definitely right up my alley. I mentioned to Cobie that I couldn’t believe how tight she was tied. How much color she was getting in her arms from the restricting ropes. She replied “It is extreme bondage. Not everyone can do it or be in it.” But I knew if anybody could, Cobie could.

The video opens with Cobie dressed in a tight, latex-like bathing suit with her hair down. Cobie enjoys the sensation of the bathing suit against her skin and doesn’t mind expressing her satisfaction by sensually caressing and rubbing her beautiful body. After a few minutes, Cobie’s legs are tied into a very tight frogtie and a tight crotch rope is tied between her legs. Cobie continues to rub her amazing body and spreads her legs periodically to tug on her tight crotch rope. A short time later, Cobie’s hands and fingers are encased in a pair of leather bondage mittens and her wrists are tied behind her back. Cobie struggles sensually and enjoys the feeling of the ropes against her body and the mittens making her hands completely useless. After a bit more struggling, many, many more feet of rope is wrapped around Cobie’s sensational body and a ballgag is dangled from her neck. A tight chest harness adorns Cobie’s torso, several coils of rope are tied tightly around her neck, a waist rope is tied around her stomach and cinched between her back pinning her forearms together and her arms to her lower back. Last but not least, Cobie’s elbows are welded together with several feet of tight cotton rope, rendering our beautiful captive utterly helpless. Cobie struggles and questions why she had to be tied so tightly. She moans and whimpers and at one point mentions that this bondage was the tightest she’d ever been tied.

After more struggling for our beautiful bondagette, the ballgag dangling around Cobie’s is wedged inside of her mouth and the straps pulled tightly behind her head. Cobie continues to talk with the ballgag in her mouth and whimpers more as she struggles. Yet again, Cobie reiterated from behind her ballgag that this is the tightest that she has ever been tied and continues to struggle in her tight rope bondage. A short while later, a single strip of microfoam tape is placed over Cobie’s mouth ensuring that the indentations of her lips and the ballgag can be seen in the crevices of the tape. Cobie continues to try to escape her tight ropes and gag talks regularly, hoping that she will get released. Instead, a roll of vetwrap style bandages are wrapped around Cobie’s head securing the ballgag in Cobie’s mouth and the microfoam on her face and lips. Cobie continues her struggling, but to no avail. She is tied much too tightly to escape her bondage on her own. Which has been the goal from the beginning. After more struggling, the vetwrap around Cobie’s head is unraveled, the strip of microfoam taken from her lips and the ballgag is removed from her gorgeous mouth. She makes a smart comment to her captor saying “You’re bad. You ungagged me.” but luckily, not for long. A wad of packing is stuffed into Cobie’s mouth and the roll of vetwrap is again presented to poor Cobie. Her face is wrapped tightly in the vetwrap, sealing the packing inside of her mouth. Cobie can’t utter a single word and has no chance of ever escaping. Captive bondage supermodel Cobie is left to struggle desperately in her tight ropes and unforgiving vetwrap gag.

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