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"Cladurday: Mord Beth"

Back in the mid to late 90s, I can recall getting excited every Saturday evening around 6pm when a two hour block of Hercules and Xena was about to come on. Granted, I never thought the shows were that great, but there always seemed to be a regular helping of girls in bondage and sexy fetish clothing. Whether it be a random extra who had been taken captive on Hercules, Xena’s sidekick Gabrielle getting kidnapped, Xena’s arch nemesis Calisto being imprisoned in a dungeon or Xena herself held prisoner by one of the show’s antagonists, I couldn’t wait to see what that week’s episode had in store. A short time later, the same producer, Sam Raimi did another show called Sinbad that followed the stories of the legendary sailor (not the comedian). Often, several of the female leads were kidnapped and restrained, including a nice shackling and over the mouth gag that lasts nearly an entire episode.

Several years later in the late 2000s, the same producers of Xena/Herc, etc. created another show entitled “Legend of the Seeker”. I’ll admit, that I didn’t really watch this show like I did Xena (probably because I was never home), but I was aware of the show and I knew right away by its look and overall vibe that it was a similar production to those shows of the 90s. I did some hopeful internet searches to see if this show was riddled with some of the same bondage glory that the heyday 90s shows had, but was disappointed to find the bondage scenes minimal with fairly poor quality bondage in general. However, I did find that there was a bit of a silver lining. Many of the main females in the show appeared to be part of some group of female warriors called ‘Mord-Siths’. Mord-Siths in general are very beautiful young women whose normal attire consisted of form-fitting leather catsuits adorned with belts and buckles. A true fetish connoisseurs dream. Well, about as close as you can get for Hollywood mumbo jumbo. The main Mord-Sith character of the show named Cara Mason was portrayed by a stunning young lady named Tabrett Bethell, whom I instantly found to be a worthy reason to have interest in the show. Blonde shoulder length hair, and amazing body and a set of full, pouty lips that could hypnotize you for days. To top it off, the show had several girl-on-girl kissing and lesbian scenes. Why? Cause why the hell not? These in no way moved the plot forward, but if I was directing a group of beautiful 20-something year old women who are dressed in skintight catsuits, you better believe they’re going to be making out with each other. A different time I guess. One of these girl-on-girl kissing scenes even included Buffy alumni Charisma Carpenter dressed in some tight Mord-Sith leather.

Which all leads me to my image, I’ve always had a thing for girls in tight catsuits (as I’ve mentioned a million times before), so any chance I can get to create an image of a hot girl in one, I’m generally going to take it. Here, I’ve done one of my newest characters Beth in a Mord-Sith inspired catsuit in a wooded area (where I saw many of the Seeker scenes taking place). Beth is a roommate and occasional flirtatious love interest to Lexi Giovanni. Both share a common interest in modeling and acting and are up and coming celebrities. This image is meant to imply that Beth was involved in a modern adaptation of The Seeker as an extra. Much more of Beth to come in the future.

Hope you enjoy!

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