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Chrissy Marie - Captive of 3D Artist By Michael Keye

For as long as I’ve been viewing bondage content, I’ve been a fan of Michael Keye’s bondage work. If you ask me, he just gets it. Beautiful girls, great gags and a nice mix of rope bondage, straitjackets, armbinders, hoods and other assorted bondage paraphernalia have graced his images and videos for decades. A few years ago, when I first started really getting into producing 3D images, Michael would favorite and comment on a few of my images, which immediately blew me away. I was ecstatic that someone I had admired for years had an interest in my creations. After a few back and forth emails and some mutual appreciation for each other’s work, I would say that we became ‘internet pals’ as we discussed the many different aspects of bondage and BDSM that we each enjoyed.

Michael certainly took note that I am a HUGE fan of Chrissy Marie and he decided to email me one day when he had booked her for a playtime session. Michael mentioned that Chrissy would be coming over in the near future and asked if there was any sort of predicament that I would enjoy seeing her in while he had her in his clutches.

Me? Give producing legend Michael Keye a scenario that I’d like to see bondage supermodel Captive Chrissy Marie in? Where do I sign?

To me, the decision was an easy one. At that point, I had done about 5 customs with Chrissy, so I had been able to see her in some of the best predicaments that my mind could dream up, but what was the one fetish that I have loved for decades that I haven’t seen Chrissy do yet? That’s right, a beautifully inescapable canvas straitjacket. Some of my all-time favorite Keye scenes have involved his maxcita jacket and a beautiful woman strapped helplessly inside. Kendra James, Terra Mizu, Gina Rae Michaels, Angelique Kithos and Julia Faire (to name a few) all know first hand just how inescapable that jacket is, and now thankfully, the gorgeous Chrissy Marie can be added to that list. Of course, no real-life bondage scene bearing my inspiration would be complete without a ballgag with some nice strips of tape over it to keep the captive extra silent. Michael had also mentioned that he had a special surprise in store for me for this particular shoot.

The scene opens up with an unrestrained Chrissy Marie sitting at a desk as she scrolls through some of my very own 3D bondage images on the computer! She scoffs in an unamused manner as she quickly realizes that she may endure a similar fate to the 3 dimensional captives depicted on the screen considering who her current company is. Chrissy is then adamant about her firm stance that she is not interested in this type of thing and that there is no way that she’ll be subjected to something like this. Chrissy even refers to the devious Siltex suits that are portrayed in many of the images.

In the following scene, Chrissy is seen wearing a pair of red, tight leggings and is strapped up securely in Michael’s Maxcita straitjacket. She stands with her neck chained to a post and her ankles restrained with leather cuffs that are locked together by a short chain. Chrissy struggles in her straitjacket and asks to be released from it’s confining clutches. She reiterates her distaste for this sort of thing and makes it clear that she is not okay with this kind of treatment. Chrissy continues to struggle and describes how the straitjacket’s tightness restricts her to barely be able to move at all. Still, Chrissy’s whining won’t be getting her out of her restraints anytime soon. Luckily for both Chrissy and us, a full size mirror allows Chrissy to view first hand what her predicament looks like, and allows the camera to get some nice back shots of Chrissy and her straitjacket’s straps and buckles while still being able to see the distressed expressions on her helpless face.

After several minutes of helpless struggling and futile pleas for release, poor Chrissy’s predicament is intensified when she is taken from the standing position of the playroom to the seductive pose of a spread eagle atop a bed in another room. Chrissy has now been chained to the bed posts by the collar of her straitjacket and her legs by her leather cuffs. A red ballgag has been strapped tightly around her head and several strips of clear, but sticky tape have been plastered over her lips and ballgag, making Chrissy’s helpless pleas extra muffled. The camera changes positions throughout the room as Chrissy continues to struggle in her unforgiving straitjacket and silencing gag. Chrissy whimpers, hoping for freedom from her distressful situation, but there is no chance of escape from such a secure straitjacket.

Runtime 12:15

This is technically NOT a custom, but I place a link for this in the Customs page so it will always be easily accessible.

Check out Keye Bondage Images for this and TONS of other amazing bondage clips!

You can also check out Michael Keye’s AVN Stars profile!!

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