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"Freebie Friday 13: Chelsea's Trap"

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Ever the ill-fated one, Chelsea fell victim to an incriminating case of mistaken identity and now finds herself in the clutches of her very own Siltex Restraint Suit. Harnessed and hog-chained on the floor of her prison cell, Chelsea’s inescapable suit holds her tightly in strict captivity.

Chelsea tries to plead her innocence from behind the leather panel gag that grips her head securely, but a large apparatus stuffed inside of her mouth makes her vindications nothing but soft and silent whimpers.

Chelsea’s hands and fingers have been balled into fists as they sweat inside the tiny leather mitts that have rendered them completely useless. A set of strong steel cuffs have been locked around her wrists, biceps, ankles and neck, all of which are tautly linked together by a matching set of sturdy steel chains.

Chelsea struggles in hopes of freeing herself from these heinous restraints, but her suit is utterly inescapable and has rendered her completely helpless. All Chelsea can do is dream of freedom and endure the captivity that her case of mistaken identity has cursed her with.

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