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"Catwoman Captured"

The roar of the Batmobile’s engine echoes through the streets of Gotham just before it comes to a screeching halt in front of the GCPD. The top of the black tank-like vehicle slides open as Batman jumps out and lands firmly on the street. He presses a small button on his utility belt causing a storage compartment at the back of the Batmobile to prop open. Batman quickly makes his way to the back of the vehicle and reaches inside with both arms to reveal his precious cargo. One of Gotham’s most devious antagonists and super villains; The feminine feline known as Catwoman.

Batman had yet again spoiled one of Catwoman’s burglary attempts, but this time, he is going to ensure that she is locked up for good. The chains to Catwoman’s shackle jingle as Batman escorts her across the street to a patiently waiting Commissioner Gordon. His hand is gripped firmly around the back of the belt that he has secured around the unmasked Catwoman’s waist, securing her handcuffed wrists to her midsection.

“She’s all yours Commissioner.” Batman groans in a raspy and menacing voice.

“I’ve got to give it to you Bat, you sure have a way with the ladies.” Commissioner Gordon says as he and a team of his officers walk toward Batman and his captive. The Commissioner smiles with satisfaction as he crosses his arms and stands to observe the detained mynx.

“Hmm…” Batman grunts with a smile. A rare chuckle from the Dark Knight.

“We’ve got one hell of a file on Miss Kyle here. It’s gonna be an open and shut case.” The Commissioner says as he motions for a few of his Officers to release Catwoman from Batman’s clutches and turn her over to police custody.

“So It’d be safe to say that there won’t be any latex clad women running along the roofs of Gotham?” Batman asks sarcastically.

“Wou mnow wou wove iph (You know you love it).” Catwoman says from behind the thick cloth that Batman has gagged her with, prying her jaw open.

“Heh. Maybe Miss Quinzell, but not this one. We’ve already got a cell at Arkham with Selina Kyle’s name on it.” Commissioner Gordon assures Batman.

“Take her away, boys. The Mayor’s going to be quite pleased with this little catch.” Commissioner Gordon says as he points three of his officers toward Catwoman. One of the officers grabs Catwoman by the chain that is dangling in front of her from her handcuffed wrists to her shackled ankles. He lifts up on the chain and notices a pair of thick, black mitts have been secured around Catwoman’s hands and wrists. He looks up at Batman with a confused expression.

“I’d leave those on if I were you.” Batman instructs in his menacing voice as he turns his head to the right and out of the shadows to reveal four claw marks on the left side of his cowl and face. The officer looks over at Catwoman with a frightened expression.

“Meow...” Catwoman says in a sexy voice from behind her gag as she looks at the officer, raises her eyebrow and smiles maliciously.

Catwoman, Batman and Commissioner Gordon are trademarks of DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment. The artwork and text associated are works of fan art and an homage to the characters listed above. No copyright infringements are intended.

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