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"Caturday: Beyond The Galaxy"

A little while back, I was watching TV and randomly stumbled onto some sort of 1950s or 60s sci-fi film featuring a team of space travelers that were sent to explore a distant planet. If I recall correctly (considering it was nearly 2 years ago at this point and I didn’t catch the film from the beginning) I believe the purpose was to gather data in hopes that the planet could become inhabitable should Earth prove to be unlivable due to atomic war or energy crisis or whatever people were worried about back then. But even though this film was written and created several decades ago, one constant existed that still holds true today (and probably always will), movies are better with hot chicks in them.

So naturally, the team of explorers consisted of a pair of men and a pair of women. My assumption that this played a role in the plot by ensuring that if for some reason the team could not make it back to Earth, then they would mate and repopulate the new planet. But anyway, I found one of the girls in particular rather attractive, so of course that inspired me to create a character in her likeness.

The main thing that caught my attention was the metallic catsuit that she wore in the film. This was something I wanted to start with and build from there. Now, my character isn’t a spitting image of the girl featured in the film, but I thought I would build on what I had seen and pull from my recollection of what girls from that era typically looked like.

It’s a bit of an unconventional creation for me, but I thought it would be fun to create all the same. I hope you enjoy.

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