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“Somebody let me out of this thing!!” Beth shouts as she struggles in the steel contraption that holds her body strictly. Her voice reverberates off the dungeon walls, but no one could hear her pleas for release. A vibrating wand has been fastened to the front of Beth’s steel restraint device and pressed firmly into her crotch area, with the head resting snuggly on her labia and clitoris. Luckily for her, the vibrating wand is off, and doesn’t show any signs of engaging. Yet.

Beth’s eyes follow the long black cord attached to the vibrating wand as it slithers outside of her dungeon cell and down a seemingly endless hallway where the cord fades from sight. Beth continues to try to escape her bondage, but the cold steel and tight latex hold her captive with no hope of escape.

Suddenly, the head of the vibrating wand pulses before shutting off quickly.

“Oooh!” Beth exclaims from the sudden jolt of vibration.

“Please don’t! I can’t get away!” Beth pleads aloud, seemingly to no one. Again, the wand pulses with a quick vibration before shutting off. Almost as if it were taunting Beth, or teasing her.

“No, I don’t… Ooof!” Beth pleads again, but is quickly cut off when the wand begins to vibrate again, this time continuously vibrating against Beth’s vagina.

“Ahh.” Beth moans sensually as the head of the wand ripples through her tight latex panties and into her labia and clitoris, sending pleasurable sensations pulsing throughout her body.

“ no… I...I...Ca…!” Beth begs between heaving breaths and shuttering quivers.

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… the wand vibrates endlessly as Beth tries to struggle to freedom. She clenches her hands and fingers tightly as they drip with sweat inside the latex mittens that have concealed then securely.

“N...No...I Can’t...I Can’t!” Beth exclaims as her breathing and moaning becomes more and more intense.

“Let me out...I...I...I..AHHHH!!” Beth screams as the wand achieves it’s ultimate goal by sending Beth into intense orgasm. Beth’s body jolts and shutters and she closes her eyes and bites her lip intensely. Beth may have reached a single climax, but the wand has not stopped. It continues to buzz and vibrate firmly into Beth’s vagina. She continues to struggle in hopes of being able to get free, but the wand is merciless. How much more would Beth be able to endure?

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