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"At His Mercy"

Ashley squirms as she tries to escape the tight restraints that hold her in captivity, but it doesn’t take long to realize that she is utterly helpless and under the complete control of her captor. Ashley looks around the dark room she’s been confined to, hoping she can find some sort of a way to escape the security of her restraints, but it’s completely hopeless.

Suddenly, the door to Ashley’s cell opens slowly and a well dressed man of large stature enters and begins to slowly approach Ashley. She tries to struggle out of pure instinct, even though she knows that she will never escape without the help of the man who has put her in this appalling situation.

The man stands dominantly over Ashley as her struggling subsides. Ashley turns her head away from the man, fearful of what his intentions are, but the man reaches out his right hand and turns Ashley’s head back to face his direction as he looks his captive in the eyes. Ashley’s eyes grow wide in a doe-like fearful expression as the man grips her chin firmly, exhibiting who is in complete control.

Ashley can do nothing but surrender to the man’s supremacy as he brings his captive to submission. The man’s mouth says nothing while his actions say everything. Ashley is at the complete mercy of her captor and nothing she can do can change her role in their relationship. Only he could release Ashley from her inescapable imprisonment, but his intentions are clear. Ashley will stay. Subdued into her new life as a helpless slave girl.

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