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"An Irreversible Misunderstanding - 6"

“Ah, Miss Anderssen, this is Gunther and Sven. Two of the finest orderlies I have had in my employ in my 40 plus year career as an Asylum Director.

“Oh hel… Wait Asy…” Ashley says as she turns to the two men, then quickly turns around to address Doctor Vilone.

“I… I didn’t know this was an asylum. I don’t know if I’m qualified…” Ashley begins to say before being interrupted by Doctor Vilone.

“Gunther, Sven… escort Miss Anderssen to the admissions department downstairs and fit her for her jacket. I’ll be down in a few minutes to oversee her commitment.” Doctor Vilone says. The two men grab Ashley by the arms and begin to take her purse and resume.

“Don’t forget, ‘Extra Small’ per Miss Anderssen’s request.” Doctor Vilone reminds the orderlies, referring to the jacket size.

“Um…” Ashley says nervously as the men quickly dislodge Ashley’s purse from her arms.

“Leave your purse here, Miss Anderssen.” Doctor Vilone instructs Ashley. “You won’t be needing it any longer.”

Gunther rests Ashley’s purse on Doctor Vilone’s desk before the two orderlies grab Ashley by the arms as Gunther and Sven forcefully escort Ashley out of Doctor Vilone’s office and into the hallway.

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