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"All About All Hallows' Eve"

Another year had passed and another summer had come and gone. The crisp autumn air lingered through the small town of Orchard Falls.

It was about 6 pm when Eve was getting ready to leave her dorm room to attend a Halloween party thrown by her college sorority.

The sun was about to set and an orange glow began to drape over Orchard Falls. Eve stood in front of her mirror and made a few more adjustments to her costume before heading out the door to the party.

Eve had dressed as a sexy angel the year prior, wearing sheer white lingerie and a yellow halo on her head. She had decided to stick to a similar theme, but the complete inverse and dress as a sexy devil girl. Donning a skintight, red latex catsuit, a matching serpentine tail and a red trident, Eve began to strut down the street toward her sorority’s house.

The streets were rather empty, especially considering it would have been prime time for Trick or Treating. Eve could hear the sound of rustling leaves blowing in the wind and the creaking of tree branches as they swayed back and forth. She continued to move forward at a steady pace, the tight latex pulling and stretching as her body shifted positions and her hips swayed with each step.

Eve came to a block of houses where the majority of the homes had been adorned with various Halloween decorations. As she made her way in front of one of the houses, Eve could hear the sound of a car’s brakes squeaking softly behind her. She could then hear the sound of the car’s tires on the pavement as they rolled slowly across the fallen leaves, crunching small pebbles as the rubber wheels crushed them under the car’s weight. Eve was a bit frightened and did not turn around to view the car. Instead she decided to walk a bit faster, hoping she might come across someone on the street, in turn causing the car to drive off.

But, Eve did not see anyone for blocks and the car sounded as though it were speeding up to match her walking pace. Eve began to walk even faster, hoping that the occupants of the car would just leave her be. She began to worry more as she wondered who might be following her. Was it a group of girls from a rival sorority, planning to get her back for the cruel pranks she and her sorority sisters had pulled the previous Halloween? Was it a crazed kidnapper, ready to pounce on a seemingly unsuspecting college coed dress in tight, sexy clothing? Or maybe the demented serial killer known as the “Succubus Strangler” whom was mere moments away from claiming Eve as her next victim? The more extreme the thought that raced through Eve’s head, the faster she began to walk. She was nearly at a jogging pace, the only thing limiting her were the high heels of her leather boots. Eve could hear the sound of the car’s electronic window roll down as if it were right next to her.

“You’re in quite the hurry, Miss.” A female’s voice said from inside the car. Eve began to slow down slightly and was able to catch a glimpse of the slow moving car as it’s hood began to pass her before slowly back down to her speed.

“Orchard Falls Police?” Eve said aloud as she took a huge sigh of relief.

“Oh god. You don’t know how nervous I was. I thought…” Eve began to say, but was cut off by the Police woman driving the car.

“Nervous? I’ll bet you are.” The female officer said as she put the police cruiser in park on the side of the street next to Eve. The Officer quickly opened the driver’s side door and exited the vehicle with her partner exiting the passenger’s side immediately after. The two Officers flanked Eve and blocked her from leaving using the car as a barricade.

“Out for a Halloween stroll, Miss?” The first female Officer asked while the second approached Eve with her right hand planted on her service weapon located in it’s holster on her belt.

“Well, I was heading to a Halloween party at my sorority. I’m supposed to judge the costume contest.” Eve said nervously, wondering why the officers were surrounding her.

“That’s a mighty nice costume you’ve got on there. Are you some sort of...Succubus or something?” The first officer asked as she reached behind her back to her belt where her handcuff holster was located.

“Succuwhat? No, I’m a devil. You know, like…” Eve began to explain before being cut off by the officer again.

“Devil, huh? I’ll bet you are…” the first officer said as she pulled her handcuffs from their holster and presented them to Eve.

Eve began to try to walk away calmly from the Officers, but they began to close in on her.

“Going somewhere?” The first Officer asked sarcastically as she grabbed Eve by the arm. She quickly swung Eve around and slammed her upper body onto the hood of their police cruiser.

“Hey!” Eve protested just as the second officer pulled out her service weapon and pointed it directly at the back of Eve’s head.

“Keep quiet!” The first officer shouted as she began to wrap Eve’s wrists in the cold steel of her handcuffs. Eve could hear the ratcheting sound of the cuffs as the shackles closed tightly around her wrists, securing her hands behind her back.

“You can’t fool us. We know exactly who you are, Miss.” The first Officer said with a stern and disgusted voice.

“Who I am? Wha… What are you talking about?” Eve responded in a surprised and confused manner.

“Don’t play stupid with us, Miss. We know you’re the ‘Succubus Strangler.’ The Officer said.

“Succubus Strangler!? No, this is a big mistake. That’s not me…” Eve pleaded with the Officers.

“Save it! Best case scenario, you won’t see the light of day for the rest of your life. No jury’s ever gonna believe you’re not ‘The Strangler’. That’s assuming the judge doesn’t just sit your pretty little ass right on Death Row.” The Officer said. Eve’s face turned from surprise and confusion to shock and horror. The officer smiled as she locked Eve’s cuffs securely behind her back and forcefully pulled her up at attention just before the other officer could start frisking her. The officer gripped Eve’s neck firmly with her left hand, ensuring that she wouldn’t have any chance of escaping her arrest. The officer then brought her right hand up to her radio and pressed the transmission key.

“Unit 10-31 to Dispatch.” The Officer called on her radio.

“This is Dispatch, go ahead 10-31.” A woman’s voice could be heard responding on the radio. The officer smiled contentious as she pressed the radio key again to reply,

“Better get the paddy wagon to our location… We got her.”

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