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Alexis' "Lexi" Giovanni Poll Update

Greetings everyone,

I wanted to post a quick update to notify everybody that I've added a new poll in the Polls sections for the upcoming story featuring my new character Alexis "Lexi" Giovanni. I wanted to start posting the story soon and I figured the best way to get the ball rolling was to post a poll giving some options for a potential name for the story. So, there are 6 options to choose from, or there is an "Other" option that will allow you to create your own title. If you can recall, the main premise of the story was voted that Lexi gets mistaken for an escaped prisoner and is taken back to prison, so the prospective titles tried to have that theme in mind.

Once the title is chosen through the voting at the end of the week, then I will start posting some of the beginning images to set the story up.

May the best title win!

Have fun

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