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"A Welcomed Addition"

“Ughphh!” Beth grunts through the thick gag wedged in between her lips as she is forcefully shoved forward by one of the devious women that have taken her captive. Beth tries to move as quickly as she can, but the steel chains tethering her ankles together make it more than difficult to walk.

“Get moving, Prisoner! Hahaha.” The guard orders with a maniacal laugh.

“You belong to us now! Hahaha.” The guard continues with another laugh. The Warden walks silently behind the women, observing her newest acquisition with a pleased smile on her face.

“Yeah, I have a feeling this one’s gonna spend a lot of time in isolation.” The other guard says in a taunting manner. Beth jiggles her wrists to test the security of her shackles, but quickly finds her out that they are more than capable of holding her in strict imprisonment. Beth’s Siltex suit fit her like a second skin, and had been designed to keep her helplessly secure throughout the duration of her life sentence.

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