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"A Reluctant Slavegirl"

After a successful third date, Stephanie was easily able to convince her girlfriend Emily to come back to her house for an evening of drinks and to stream a newly released movie. But as one thing led to another, things began to take a bizarre twist. Emily unwittingly admitted to Stephanie that she had always had a fascination with handcuffs and rope, and that she easily became excited at the thought of being restrained by a capable and trustworthy partner.

Stephanie’s smirk quickly turned into a grin as she extended her hand out to lead her girlfriend Emily toward her basement. When the two arrived, Emily noticed a large metal door with a large padlock securing the outside. Stephanie removed a key hanging from the necklace around her neck and unlocked the door, opening it to reveal a large concrete chamber.

Stephanie pulled on the small chain of a hanging light and illuminated the chamber. Inside, Emily began to explore the confines of the room, finding several different BDSM tools and toys throughout the walls. Stephanie opened a large closet-like door to reveal an assortment of fetish wear and provocative ensembles.

“Which one do you like?” Stephanie asked Emily as she sifted through the various latex and PVC outfits.

“Oooh, this one’s nice.” Emily said as she picked up one of the hangers from the pole stretching the closet horizontally to display a pink latex outfit. Emily draped the outfit over her body to have a quick view of how it might look and looked at Stephanie with a smile.

“What do you think?” Emily asked.

Stephanie smiled enthusiastically as she walked closer to Emily.

“Why don’t you try it on and see for yourself?” Stephanie said as she began to caress Emily’s body.

Mere minutes later, Emily emerges from inside the outside of the chamber to reveal herself wearing the sexy garment.

“You look… scrumptious.” Stephanie says as she bites her lip.

“I don’t know. You don’t think it’s too much….. Well…. Too little.” Emily says referring to the scantily clad nature of the outfit. Emily’s hip and crotch area were completely bare and her breasts showed through the transparent latex texture.

“Not. At. All.” Stephanie says as she approaches Emily slowly.

“I couldn’t figure out these pieces.” Emily says as she displays five latex items that she was unable to figure out where they were to be placed on her body.

“No?” Stephanie says as she begins to caress Emily some more. Stephanie takes the five items from Emily’s hand and the two lean in and share a sensual and provocative kiss. Stephanie slowly begins to rub Emily’s bare vagina. Emily began to pant heavily as the two kissed much more passionately.

Stephanie lowers her hands down toward Emily’s waist and begins to wrap one of the pieces of clothing around her waist and then between her legs.

“Hey. Wha…what are you doing?” Emily asks.

“Don’t you want to see where the other pieces go?” Stephanie asks.

Mere seconds later, Emily’s outfit is complete with the five unknown items securely in place. A firm latex strap tucked between her legs, a pair of straps belted around her biceps and a pair of matching latex mittens stretched over her hands and fingers and strapped tightly around her wrists. To ensure Emily’s stay is a pleasant one, Stephanie has added a matching pink ballgag and a steel chain tethering her to the wall.

Stephanie leans in and begins to caress Emily’s body sensually.

“Diph iph moph whaph I haph im minph (This is not what I had in mind).” Emily says from behind her ballgag.

“No?” Stephanie asks rhetorically as she begins to slowly rub Emily’s vagina over the tight latex harness between her legs. Stephanie leans in, closes her eyes and begins to pucker up as she attempts to kiss Emily on her pink ballgag. Emily leans back slightly but has nowhere to go. Stephanie’s grip is too tight as she pulls her girlfriend close with her left hand that is firmly wrapped around Emily’s waist.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
2023년 2월 07일

Damn, Emily's outfit looks amazing, love the clear latex bits! It would definitely not be complete without those five pieces, so it's good to see Stephanie knows exactly what to do with them 😁


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