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"A Place In This World"

As Carissa lay helpless in her cold prison cell, she wonders how what direction her life might have taken had things turned out differently. Had she not been convicted of a slew of treacherous crimes and sentenced to a life of Siltex imprisonment.

As Carissa squirms sensually in her tight, unforgiving bondage, she daydreams of freedom. The ability to breath without the straps of her chest harness digging into her skin. To be able to scratch the itch on the tip of her nose. Things she had always taken for granted, but would never be able to experience again.

As Carissa rolls to her side, the taut chain connecting her collar to the floor pulls tight and she moans in discomfort. She spreads her legs wide as the tight straps belted around her thighs and ankles forces her to a frog-like position. Carissa’s tiny armbinder pins her arms together behind her back and completely restricts any movement from either appendage.

As Carissa bites down firmly on the large rubber ballgag that has been wedged into her mouth, she thinks about life outside of her prison cell. The people of her life had moved on and years ago, leaving Carissa to be nothing but a forgotten, helpless prisoner. Kept at the hands of her captors and bound by the sentence and restraints that hold her prisoner for the rest of her life.

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