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"A Perfect Position"

Beautiful college coed Ashley Anderssen lays helplessly on the floor of her captor’s bedroom as she struggles in her tight and inescapable rope bondage and mouth filling ballgag. The tight ropes digging firmly into her skin and the ballgag sunk deeply into her mouth assure Ashley that she is nothing more than a helpless slave, destined to abide by her captor’s bidding.

After several hours of strict rope bondage, Ashley’s captor enters the room and stands dominantly over her as he watches her struggle. The captor props Ashley into a kneeling position and begins to fondle Ashley’s perky and firm breasts. Ashley closes her eyes and begins to slowly thrust her hips into the tight crotchrope tied between her legs. The perfectly positioned knot pressed firmly against her clitoris.

Ashley’s captor kneels down and slowly unbuckles the large rubber ballgag plugging Ashley’s mouth and lets it rest casually around her neck. Ashley begins to stretch out her sore mouth as the ballgag has been wedged inside, prying her jaw wide open for the last several hours. Ashley’s captor then positions himself in front of Ashley and stands, towering over her, asserting his dominance and defining Ashley’s place in their association.

Ashley looks up into her captor’s eyes with a doe-like expression as she tries to plead for freedom without words. The captor looks at Ashley with a sadistic smirk on his face and begins to loosen the knot from the front of his gym shorts. Ashley watches intently with a bit of confusion, kneeling in perfect height to have up close and personal view.

Ashley’s captor then lowers his shorts to reveal crude excitement for Ashley’s helpless predicament. Ashley’s eyes widen as she stares fearfully at the obvious identifier of her captor’s manhood. Ashley gulps fearfully as she can only anticipate the events destined to take place. Ashley’s captor then firmly grabs Ashley by the back of the head and squeezes his hand and fingers tightly, again asserting his dominance over his helpless captive. He then begins to pull Ashley close to his lower body as Ashley tries to resist. After only a few seconds of resistance, Ashley submits to her captor’s will before closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. She leans forward, opens her mouth slowly and begins to perform her task with vigorous enthusiasm.

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3 comentários

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
19 de nov. de 2022

Awesome to see something more explicit finding its way into your gallery!

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
26 de nov. de 2022
Respondendo a

To be rather blunt, something like this is what I imagine as the next step to most of your images. I mean what good is a sexy captive if you don't make good use of her?! 😏


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