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"A Few Minutes: Caught In The Act (Blinded)"

*Note: This is a variation of an image that was posted a few weeks ago. I could not decide which version I liked better, so please enjoy both. ;)

Sarah and Amanda were intimate before their capture and they’d remain intimate after their capture. Wrongfully accused and convicted of a series of crimes, the two young ladies were sentenced to life imprisonment in armbinders and Siltex suits. Granted the reward of being cellmates, the girls’ bondage and close positioning quickly got the best of them. Their close proximity, attraction for one another and sexual urges was a recipe for an intimate session of French kissing and erotic gyration. The girls struggled sensually in their armbinders and leather restraints as they closed their eyes and began to lock their lips in a Sapphic embrace. The prisoners moaned quietly as they enjoyed each other’s company in their otherwise dire circumstance. Little did the two female lovers know, but the camera in their cell was constantly monitored by one of the guards via a closed circuit security center. Their erotic enjoyment of one another would soon be grounds for stern punishment.

The guard quickly notified the Warden of Sarah and Amanda’s actions and a team of prison officials were quickly dispatched to the girl’s cellblock. Upon their arrival, the guards watched as the girls were too involved with each other to realize that they had been caught enjoying each other’s company. One of the guards cleared his throat and the girls quickly froze in fear and tried to separate themselves from one another, forgetting that their restraints and a series of chains strictly prevented them from doing so. The guards quickly descended on the girls and began to initiate their punishment. Both Sarah and Amanda had large rubber ballgags dangling around their necks, ready to be utilized should the girls attempt such a forbidden pleasure. The prisoners’ mouths were quickly plugged with the red rubber balls and their straps pulled tightly behind their heads, and locked securely using small padlocks. Then, each girl was awarded a strip of extremely adhesive medical tape to help seal the ballgags into their mouths. The girls began to whimper in distress as the only possible advantage to being helplessly restrained in tight bondage with one another was quickly taken away and replaced with mouth filling and silencing gags. To make their senses even more restrictive, each prisoner was outfitted with a thick leather blindfold that was also strapped tightly around their hands and locked with padlocks. The guards laughed at their prisoners’ displeasure as they exited the cell and locked the door securely behind them. The young ladies can do nothing but nuzzle into one another, helplessly trapped in their imprisoned predicament. Sarah and Amanda can feel the sticky tape smothering their faces as they blindly try to peel it off, but it was no use. The tape had already adhered itself to their skin and was clinging firmly to their faces. Much like the Siltex restraint suits that hold the beautiful young prisoners in tight restraint and inescapable bondage.

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