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"A Few Hours: Unreliable"

In an attempt to help boost her singing 'career', Alicia booked a photo shoot in hopes of reaching a larger audience. When the day came for the shoot, Alicia had a last second change of mind and decided to just not show up.

A few hours later, the photographer was driving home, when he spotted Alicia walking casually down the street. Dressed in a pair of tight pink PVC pants and a gleaming satin blouse. "Hey! That's her!" The photographer proclaimed. "Hey. Whattaya say we get that photo shoot after all?"

A short time later, Alicia finds that she has been taken captive somehow. She tries to move but realizes that she is securely restrained in a tight pink suit. She struggles and tries to scream for help, but a large rubber ball has been shoved inside of her mouth and sealed shut with a piece of tape. "Mmm Mmm Mph!"

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