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"A Few Hours: Traffic Incident"

I make new scenes all the time. Probably at least one a day. So more often than not, images tend to fall through the cracks because they were not rendered, I wasn't happy with the outcome or the images just got buried in the folder I store all my "need to edit" images in. For awhile I was posting 'Throwback' style images, and I want to start trying to do that again. What's the point of spending all that time working on something if I don't get to share it with anyone. This series of images was from back in 2018. Pretty standard setup for me. Hot girl with glasses gets in trouble with the law and within minutes, finds herself in a diabolical imprisonment situation that she never could have dreamed was possible. Sure, there are a couple of flaws with the images, but I thought that they were 'collecting dust' for too long and it was about time to show them. At first I did a black suit for when the girl gets captured, but then I thought it might be cool to have some contrast since she is wearing a black outfit before she is captured. Then of course, I couldn't decide which one I liked more. So, why not both? I have a several more 'throwbacks' that I am going to try to do. Even some that I have never rendered as the 3D program I use has recently started implementing a new way to render some smaller pictures a lot faster (when I say small, I mean still at 1080 at least). So, plenty more to come.

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