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"A Few Hours: Search Results"

Emily enters the secluded facility and slowly creeps into the dark corridor and begins to descend down the staircase. “Wha..? What is this place?” Emily says aloud as she stands in the center of the room looking upward. She quickly turns around to face the doorway to the room and is startled by a group of three men wearing matching white uniforms.

“Ahh!” She exclaims in surprise as she jumps backwards slightly.

“I… I’m sorry.” She says nervously. “I w-was looking for a friend… an...and I think I got a little lost.” She explains to the men, but they just stand in front of the doorway and say nothing.

A short time later, Emily finds herself the latest victim of the facility who has been taking young women captive. Her sundress has been replaced with a pair of blue pants and a tight white tee shirt that reads ‘Westfield Hospital Psych Ward’ on the front. Emily’s body has been tightly and securely trussed in a series of leather straps and harnesses. A large rubber ball has been stuffed inside of her mouth and held tightly in place by a leather strap. Emily squirms and struggles to get out of the straps that hold her prisoner, but they won’t budge. Her arms have been welded behind her back and encased in a tiny single sleeve armbinder, making her arms, hands and fingers utterly useless and immobilized.

“Hewph! Phomeboby HEWPH!! (Help! Somebody HELP!!)” She yells toward the hallway outside. Growing tired from her struggles, Emily slumps to the ground and rests her back on the inside of the door.

As soon as she hits the ground she can feel the door budge open slightly. Emily’s small stature makes it difficult to budge the heavy metal door open, but she is persistent and continues to make slight headway.

Emily pokes her head out of the room and into the hallway, scanning the area for anyone who might be opposed to her escaping. The hall appears to be unoccupied, so she quietly slides outside here padded cell and begins to make her way down the hallway. Her ankles are cuffed closely together making it difficult to scuffle down the hall, but she tries her best to make her way toward the exit. The area is dark and appears to be a dead end. Emily looks around but quickly discovers that she has gone the wrong way. She can hear voices more clearly as the men turn down her hallway.

“Damn it Williams! I told you to make sure that door was locked!” One of the men yells at the newest trainee when he realizes that Emily has escaped.

“I did! I…” The trainee begins to defend himself before being interrupted by the large man.

“Then how the hell’d she get out then?! Huh?!” The large man asks angrily.

“Come on. She couldn’t ‘ve gotten far.” He says as he directs the two men to help him search for poor Emily. The man points down the hallway in the direction toward where Emily is hiding. She can hear the footsteps of the three men getting closer and closer.

How can she possibly escape?

What will they do when they recapture her?

Emily’s heart begins to race as she anticipates the inevitable.

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Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Jun 07, 2020

@Mr. Metzger That's certainly a possibility. Nothing's been created yet, but you can be sure that there are plenty of other scenes starring Emily ;)


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Jun 03, 2020

Oh, if just she realized how much of a looker the new uniform makes her. Will we see her again in the high-security section? :-)


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