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"A Few Hours: In The Big House"

Beautiful blonde bimbo Shelley made her way through the park on a gorgeous California summer day, but this perfect day was quickly about to change for Shelley in the blink of an eye. Much to her surprise, a pair of police officers approached Shelley and quickly began to give her a hard time.

Later that night, after a quick trial and a long boat ride to an island in the middle of the ocean, Shelley now finds herself in the clutches of an unscrupulous justice system and locked up behind bars in a dark and creepy prison.

How quickly a horrific turn of events could manifest itself. One minute, Shelley was independent and able to roam the Earth on her own free will. Now she can barely move a muscle and is completely incapable of living her life as a free woman. She is condemned to live out her sentence in the harrowing walls of the dark and dastardly prison. Extracted from society and forced to kneel at the will of her captors.

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