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“One minute!” The Warden shouts as one of the guards slips the thick rope noose around Danielle’s head and pulls the knot tight around her neck. Danielle squirms as the guard checks the security of Danielle’s straps, ensuring that she would never escape her fateful sentence. Danielle_ begins to sweat profusely as her heart beats faster and faster with each passing second.

“30 seconds!” The Warden shouts again. The guard descends from the scaffold, leaving Danielle perched high and alone for all the prison staff to see as her doom draws near. She can feel a tingling sensation of uncertainty as she continues to wiggle and struggle. Each strap and restraint gripping her body tighter than the last, and the more she struggles, the more it feels like her restraints begin to tighten.

“10 seconds!” The Warden shouts as Danielle begins to breathe frantically. The material of her leather hood begins to expand and contract as her breathing becomes heavier and heavier.

“3…2…1…!” The Warden shouts before a loud buzzing sound reverberates through the halls of the prison’s execution chamber, just as the minute hand of the clock strikes midnight and the trapdoor beneath her feet collapses.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 20, 2022

As great as Danielle looks in her fatal peril, there are certainly better ways to... take care of her ;-)

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Nov 25, 2022
Replying to

Better make a call quick 😁


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